Theories of photography

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  • Peter Geimer
  • Author:  Peter Geimer
  • Collection:  "FO" Collection
  • Year: 02-09-2011
  • Translator from German: Zhana Tsenova
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Extensive manuals and practical guides that come out in large prints make us want to know how to achieve satisfactory practical results in photography. But this can only bring us one initial and superficial satisfaction. Anyone who professionally cultivates his work, who diligently deepens his knowledge, should sooner or later come to the question: "What exactly photography is?" This question holds secrets, culture and truth. Reflections on it have a history. The Bulgarian reader knows some of the most important texts - those of Roland Bart, Susan Sontag, Walter Benjamin, Vilém Flusser. Our ambition is to continue to enrich this line with paradigmatic works on the theory and philosophy of photography, unreleased in Bulgarian.

We hope that the books in this series will help the reader to grasp his personal answer to the question "why" - a question that precedes each "how" and which determines the significance of each human undertaking.

About the Author

Peter Geimer

Peter Geimer

Peter Geimer (born in 1966 in Ketwig) is a German art historian. Prof. Dr. Peter Geimer studied Art History, Modern German Literature, and Philosophy in Bonn, Cologne, Marburg, and Paris. 1992: MA in ... Read more

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Philosophy of Photography

Philosophy of Photography

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Tags: Photography

Year 02-09-2011
Translator from German: Zhana Tsenova
Pages 264
Size 130/200 мм
Weight 0.337 kg
Collection Колекция "ФО"
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Photography

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