Svetoslav Minkov: Strictly Confidential

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  • Rumyana Pencheva
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Svetoslav Konstantinov Minkov was a Bulgarian absurdist fiction writer.

He is considered a pioneer of Bulgarian science fiction. He is a unique figure in Bulgarian literature - his talent and style were largely isolated from the local literary tendencies of the 1920s and 1930s, and he had no followers.

His works primarily concern the loss of identity in the technocratic world, social uniformity under the influence of technology, the uncertainty of morality and values and the existential aspects of boredom. Minkov vividly expresses his ideas by means of parody, diabolism, sarcasm and absurdism.

He also wrote numerous tales for children, studies on Japanese culture, and translated the tales of Scheherazade into Bulgarian.

Svetoslav Minkov liked to write on fine paper with expensive pens, necessarily wearing a suit. This reminds Yovkov, who has always sat down to write at a strict time of the day dressed in a white shirt. Minkov had liked to travel. He valued the expensive clothes and the good things.

His suits outlived him, that would probably Gustav Mayrinck say - his guru into the mystic world and personal friend. Because Mayrinck's credo says, What we call life is actually a waiting room for death." But is it really so?

The book by Rumyana Pencheva is the answer to this question.

About the Author

Rumyana Pencheva

Rumyana Pencheva

Rumyana Pencheva is a researcher of Bulgarian literary history. She works at the National Literary Museum - Sofia. She is the book compiler of Atanas Dalchev. Letters "/ 2006 /," Alipia G. Vlaykov. Me... Read more

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Tags: Historical Figures, Memoirs & Documents, Biographies & Autobiographies, Bulgarian Authors, Theory of Literature, Memoirs, Researches

Year 11-02-2011
Pages 288
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Genre Historical Figures, Memoirs & Documents, Biographies & Autobiographies, Bulgarian Authors, Theory of Literature, Memoirs, Researches

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