Transcendental Knowledge and Non-Traditional Phenomena

  • Svetla Teodorova
  • Author:  Svetla Teodorova
  • Year: 04-06-2009
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For thousands of years, the esoteric reality has excited the minds of the great people. It is associated with many positive events, but also with many speculations. For more than a century, attempts have been made to make non-traditional facts scientifically explained. Too much is written about esoteric issues. In a sense, however, this book is unique. The author has commented on almost the whole spectrum of non-traditional phenomena, but in the context of those who, with their seven" senses, feel the esoteric reality and those who are too skeptical of it. The book discusses interesting hypotheses of different authors with a view to scientific understanding of one or other phenomena. A very interesting model of consciousness, developed by world-renowned scholars, is presented. At the same time, pseudo-scientific speculations have been critically reviewed. In order to introduce the non-specialist reader into the relevant issues, a brief panoramic view of the basic physics and biology aspects, which are exciting in themselves, are proposed.

Those who are not tempted by the natural sciences should not worry about the first three parts and think that the text will not be interesting. They can go straight to the "main body" of the book - the fourth and fifth part. And those who have interests in physics and biology will also have the "bonus" to learn some very interesting facts in these areas.

A new insight into the nature of matter is proposed in the book. Some questions of ancient Hindu philosophy, yoga and meditation are discussed. An original explanation of the mechanism by which Vanga predicted future events was proposed. It is explained why transcendental knowledge is necessary for modern man. There are useful guidelines for a healthy lifestyle. The author has suggested that many mythological concepts and ancient folklore practices may have their genesis in the esoteric reality.

This book will help reinforce the belief that some unconventional phenomena can be used in medicine and biology before they have received a strictly scientific explanation. It stimulates the understanding of the relationship between the law of karma, spiritual evolution, and morality as an internal need. It gives strong support to people who want to keep their self-esteem.

About the Author

Svetla Teodorova

Svetla Teodorova

Svetla E. Teodorova has graduated with a degree in Atomic Physics at the Sofia University. She has specialized in biophysics. She works as a senior scientist in biophysics at the Bulgarian Academy of ... Read more

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Tags: Scientific Theories, Esoterism

Year 04-06-2009
Pages 464
Size 140/215 мм
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Cover Type Paperback
Genre Scientific Theories, Esoterism

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