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  • Peter Watts
  • Author:  Peter Watts
  • Collection:  "Magica" Collection
  • Year: 14-03-2013
  • Translator from English: Elena Pavlova
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  • ISBN: 978-619-152-183-8
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Blindsight is the Hugo Award-nominated novel by Peter Watts, a hard science fiction writer through and through and one of the very best alive" (The Globe and Mail).

Two months have passed since a myriad of alien objects clenched about the Earth, screaming as they burned. The heavens have been silent since―until a derelict space probe hears whispers from a distant comet. Something talks out there: but not to us. Who should we send to meet the alien, when the alien doesn't want to meet?

Send a linguist with multiple-personality disorder and a biologist so spliced with machinery that he can't feel his own flesh. Send a pacifist warrior and a vampire recalled from the grave by the voodoo of paleogenetics. Send a man with half his mind gone since childhood. Send them to the edge of the solar system, praying you can trust such freaks and monsters with the fate of a world. You fear they may be more alien than the thing they've been sent to find―but you'd give anything for that to be true, if you knew what was waiting for them...


About the Author

Peter Watts

Peter Watts

Peter Watts (born 1958) is a Canadian science fiction author and former marine-mammal biologist. Watts obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 1980 and a Master of Science degree in 1983, both from t... Read more

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Tags: Science Fiction, Modern Novels, Horror

Year 14-03-2013
Translator from English: Elena Pavlova
Pages 360
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.458 kg
Collection Колекция "Магика"
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Science Fiction, Modern Novels, Horror
Александър 15/02/2022

Планирате ли нов тираж, подобно на "Ужас"? Не се намира никъде вече, от доста време я търся.

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