Rusi S. Russev

Rusi S. Russev

Rusi Stefanov Russev was born in 1896 in the town of Kotel, in the family of a poor craftsman. He graduated in law and finance at the Sofia University by working his way through university. As a soldier, he joined the Agricultural Union. He was an inspector of the Permanent Presence of the Union. He was an inspector of the permanent presence in the Union.

After the coup on June 9, 1923, he lived 3 months in prison. In October 1923 he organized the allied publishing "Agricultural Flag". After 1934 he joined the General Union of Agricultural Cooperatives and together with Todor Vlaykov, Ivan Beshkov, Dimitar Iliev and others founds thousands of cooperative societies.

After June 1, 1944 he became Minister of Agriculture in the government of Ivan Bagryanov.

At the end of August together with Hristo Vassilev he resigned and Bagryanov's office fell.

On 1 February 1945, the People's Court sentenced him to life imprisonment, confiscation of his property, deprivation of civil rights and a fine of 3 million BGN.

When the power took away the pension he received for his service before September 9, 1944, Rusi Russev in letters to the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party and the Permanent Presence of the Bulgarian Agrarian Union indicated with names, documents and facts that he had saved dozens of farmers and communists from death, risking his own life. The result is certified as "supporting the resistance movement". The result is certified as "supporting the resistance movement".

Ninety days of twists. The Government of Ivan Bagryanov 1 June - 1 September 1944
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