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  • Petar Volgin
  • Author:  Petar Volgin
  • Year: 24-01-2013
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I really know what most of you think of when someone talks about Jews: you think of greedy bankers, eager affluent man, nasty lenders, or, on the another hand, people who blindly adhere to some old-fashioned traditions and practices which meaning they themselves did not understand. I understand you: it is easier to think through clichés. But if at least for a moment you try to get out of them, you will see that there are many, many, many other Jews. These are the radical reformists I talk to you about. Those who break up relentlessly with the traditions and proclaim the coming of something completely different - Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Golda Meier, and others.

And when their stories are mixed with the deepening investigation of an editor in a small publishing house who sees a conspiracy made by an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi groups around him, then things become personal ...

About the Author

Petar Volgin

Petar Volgin

Petar Volgin (born Petar Petrov Georgiev) is a Bulgarian journalist. Born September 28, 1969, in Sofia. He is a graduate of the National School of Ancient Languages and Cultures "Constantine Cyril Ph... Read more

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Tags: Bulgarian Authors, Modern Novels

Year 24-01-2013
Pages 288
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.358 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Bulgarian Authors, Modern Novels

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