Repressive Society. Social Repression in Freud's Theory and Its Representation in Marcuse, Fromm and Foucault

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  • Malina Belcheva
  • Author:  Malina Belcheva
  • Year: 07-06-2021
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The monograph Repressive Society. Social Repression in Freud's Theory and Its Representation in Marcuse, Fromm and Foucault, traces the formation of Freud's theory of social development as self-replicating repressiveness. Freud's views on the positive and negative aspects of repressiveness as a social phenomenon and how it constantly maintains social development are analyzed. Philosophical concepts related to psychoanalysis are explored and described, and mechanisms of repression in socio-historical development are revealed. Four definitions of the term "aggression" in Freud's theory of social development are defined and chronologically portrayed. A comparative study between analyses of Freud's views on social development in Herbert Marcuse's critical theory, Michel Foucault's archeology of knowledge, and Erich Fromm's social theory is presented. From this point of view, the influence of Freud on the development of Marcuse's, Foucault's and Fromm's philosophy is discussed, as well as the novelty in their specific reading of Freud's ideas is studied.

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Malina Belcheva

Malina Belcheva

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Tags: Educational Psychology, Famous Psychologists

Year 07-06-2021
Pages 328
Size 140/215 mm
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Educational Psychology, Famous Psychologists

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