Analysis of Space and Time in Figurative Works of Art

  • Pavel Florensky
  • Author:  Pavel Florensky
  • Year: 28-03-2013
  • Translator from Russian: Ivaylo Vatev
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The influence exercised by the ‘Byzantine’ icon on the conception of space in modern art is not limited to Malevich’s work. Between 1921 and 1924, the Russian mathematician and theologian Pavel Florensky (1882-1937) was hired to teach ‘Analysis of spatiality in the work of art’ at the Higher State Technical-Artistic Laboratories of Moscow (VKhUTEMAS) —the equivalent of Bauhaus in Russia.

Florensky’s teaching experience at this school—breeding ground for important representatives of modern painting—resulted in the writing of the essay ‘Analysis of space and time in figurative works of art’ in 1925. In this essay, Florensky proved that the perspective is just one way among others to represent real space on a two-dimensional surface, thus questioning the scientific character of academic painting and the modern rules of scientific knowledge, based on the absolute distinction between subject and object.

About the Author

Pavel Florensky

Pavel Florensky

Pavel Alexandrovich Florensky (1882–1937) was a Russian Orthodox theologian, priest, philosopher, mathematician, physicist, electrical engineer, inventor, polymath and neomartyr. Florensky completed h... Read more

Tags: Philosophical Researches, Culturology, Essays, Science of Art

Year 28-03-2013
Translator from Russian: Ivaylo Vatev
Pages 272
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.353 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Philosophical Researches, Culturology, Essays, Science of Art

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