Phenomenology of Feelings

  • Prof. Georgy Fotev
  • Author:  Prof. Georgy Fotev
  • Year: 12-07-2018
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There are significant differences between indifference at the level of interpersonal relationships or inter-human relations in terms of social roles and statuses, on the one hand, and indifference on a social scale, between social groups and communities, from one part of society to another, one ethnic, cultural, linguistic, etc. community to another, to one national society to a minority, to one race against another race, etc. Social indifference, resting and related to power, produces social disintegration and, sooner or later, provokes protests, social conflicts, bouts and revolutions ...

Human relations, insured against indifference, a society in which indifference is completely eradicated, is utopia. There are bitter attempts to realize similar utopias, which is inevitable with the violence and atrocities that, as we know, remain indescribable. The principle impossibility of a human world without the poisonous seeds of indifference must not suggest melancholia, but to cause us to respond with the proportion of the requirements of the day, as expressed by Weber in another instance.

About the Author

Prof. Georgy Fotev

Prof. Georgy Fotev

Prof. Georgy Fotev is a Bulgarian sociologist. His scientific works are in the areas of theory and history of sociology and the disciplinary fields of modern sociology. The focus of the research inter... Read more

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Tags: Philosophical Researches,Essays,Sociology

Year 12-07-2018
Pages 576
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.898 kg
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Philosophical Researches, Essays, Sociology

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