Contribution to the history of the Bulgarian Agricultural People's Union

  • Author:  Tsenko Barev
  • Year: 17-11-2022
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The book "Contribution to the History of the Bulgarian Agricultural People's Union" by Tsenko Barev is part of the series "Forbidden Pages".

The author traces the events that preceded and triggered the emergence of this natively Bulgarian organization with relevant analyses on the economic, social, political and state life of the country from the time of the Constituent Assembly to the mid-twentieth century.

The historical sequence presents a fuller and truer picture of the Farmers' Union as an ideological-political organization with a program of reforms and methods for carrying them out within a democratically ordered society.

Included are the political struggles waged within and without the organization, participation in elections, in government, changes made in economic, social, and cultural life, and positions taken on events and people at difficult moments for the Bulgarian people and our national cause.

Extensive space is devoted to political parties - at different times, in power and in opposition, since the Liberation, starting with liberals and conservatives, democrats and radicals, narrow and broad socialists, progressives and conspirators, "Unit" and personal regime, communists and domestic-front. All of this - related to government and the consequences for the country.

The author has also dwelt at length on the foreign policy pursued in relation to neighbouring countries and the part played by the Great Powers in the settlement of our domestic life, and the policy of parties and governments on Bulgarian state and national interests.

Richly documented and largely lived, the book goes far beyond its title.

About the Author

Tsenko Barev

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Tags: Bulgarian History, Political Science & Politics

Year 17-11-2022
Pages 472
Size 168/240 мм
Weight 0.500 kg
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Bulgarian History, Political Science & Politics

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