Shoeing a Grasshopper

  • Ventseslav Konstantinov
  • Author:  Ventseslav Konstantinov
  • Year: 09-03-2017
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The novel, composed of memories introduces the reader into the world of early childhood spent in the Kingdom of Bulgaria, the adolescence that passed under the conditions of the communist dictatorship, and the adulthood that began in the days of the new democracy. The stories of living events in memory are accompanied by reflections on the way of bread, war and people, hunger and deprivation, paintings, music and books, street life, alien fates and hopes, years of teachings, mischiefs and jazz, great fear, shame of existence, soul anguish, love, poetry and truth, beauty and death, self-help, the journey through the darkness.

This book is based on fateful personal experiences and observations of the author, as well as his long communication with the work of significant writers from past times to the present day.

About the Author

Ventseslav Konstantinov

Ventseslav Konstantinov

Ventseslav Konstantinov (born September 14, 1940 in Sofia) is a Bulgarian writer, aphorist and translator of German and English literature. Konstantinov was born in Sofia, the son of a music professor... Read more

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Tags: Biographies & Autobiographies, Bulgarian Authors

Year 09-03-2017
Pages 318
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.35 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Biographies & Autobiographies, Bulgarian Authors

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