Roads of Transcendental Schematism

  • Valentin Kanavrov
  • Author:  Valentin Kanavrov
  • Year: 24-08-2015
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The Roads of Transcendental Schematism lead to transcendental phenomenology of experience. Thinking passes through the priori and posteriori portal. There, on the Portal, phenomena are born and begin their free, covariant play in experience. The phenomenon is not an occurrence, it is not an element of the existing, it is not an invariant or a hyper-variant of the variable, but also it is not a thought, it is not a concept. It is a transcendental child, the result of the transcendental transition through the Portal, a product of the Gateway itself. The phenomenon works on the field of experience, and only as a transcendental form of man's conscious knowledge. Through the Portal, but on the ground of experience, the phenomenon breaks" the ontological thinking activity and thus prevents its dogmatization and ideology. Without the free play of phenomena, thinking becomes terror. But without creative thinking there is no human world.

The phenomenon is the key to understanding the mystery of the human world. If the form of pure thinking is the sustainability of ontological knowledge, the phenomenon makes it possible to ontologies the terrain of experience and transform it into a meaningful but free functioning human world. Every other world is an alienated being.

About the Author

Valentin Kanavrov

Valentin Kanavrov

Prof. Valentin Kanavrov is born in 1955 in Varna. Since 2006 he has been Professor of History of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of Southwestern University "Neofit Rilski" - Blagoevgrad; compu... Read more

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Tags: Metaphysics, Philosophical Researches

Year 24-08-2015
Pages 384
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Genre Metaphysics, Philosophical Researches

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