The Organon of the Healing Art

  • Samuel Hahnemann
  • Author:  Samuel Hahnemann
  • Year: 05-03-2010
  • Translator from English: Dr. Ivan Enev
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  • ISBN: 978-954-321-644-4
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The Organon Of The Medical Art is the indispensable source of teachings of Dr.Samuel Hahnemann which forms the basis of homeopathy. It is the best translation of the sixth edition of the Organon der Heilkunst.

The comprehensive text is divided into chapters and sections along with side-headings and editorial footnotes which provide focus for our thoughts.This translation is as comprehensible and accessible as possible. It conveys more of Hahnemann s meaning than ever before preserving the primary sense of his words. The Glossary has definitions of medical terms used in the Organon as well as translation notes on specific words which will enable readers to understand what Hahnemann meant instead of guessing the exact English word for the German word. A synopsis of paragraphs (aphorisms) is served as the table of contents.The names of medicines and medicinal substances, whether Latin or common, appear in roman type and not italics since Hahnemann used the common and the Latin names both in reference to unpotentized substances as well as to potentized medicines.

This translation and adaptation of the Organon has been prepared with care and precision and it throws light on our high mission of restoring the sick to health

About the Author

Samuel Hahnemann

Samuel Hahnemann

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843) was a German physician, best known for creating the system of alternative medicine called homeopathy. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann was born in ... Read more

Tags: Conventional Medicine, Fundamentals of Health, Natural Medicine, Homeopathy

Year 05-03-2010
Translator from English: Dr. Ivan Enev
Pages 256
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.325 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Conventional Medicine, Fundamentals of Health, Natural Medicine, Homeopathy
Сабина Йорданова 01/07/2022

Изключителна книга за хомеопатията и за лечебното изкуство като цяло. Актуална е и сега, ще бъде актуална и след още 150 години.

Гергана Пулева 09/05/2021

Най-съдържателната и образователна книга за хомеопатията, която дава всички нейни принципи ясно и конкретно.

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