Society of Fear

  • Hans-Joachim Maaz
  • Author:  Hans-Joachim Maaz
  • Collection:  "Katechon" Collection
  • Year: 13-10-2022
  • Translator from German: Martin Petrushev
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-1108-5
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Fear in society today is our constant companion. It is a natural phenomenon in the face of the unknown, but also a weapon of mass manipulation. It has been deliberately fanned on more than one occasion, but since the start of the Covid pandemic it has become pervasive. It influences the way we treat each other; it shapes our decisions; it dominates our lives. But is abnormal social development a symptom of mass delusion, of which there are many signs, or is it a consequence and intention of a political-economic-ideological plan?

It has been proven that fear-mongering is the most successful method of achieving politico-economic goals by undemocratic means. Fears narrow perspective and invalidate free perception, making their victims susceptible to the measures of dictatorship. Under the rule of fear, our anxieties about the future are politically abused to establish a "new normal" of governance through the breakdown of the previous game of democracy. 

Hans-Joachim Maaz is leading us behind the facade of the health dictatorship. In this book, he dissects the political and media representation of fear, analysing what underlies our real fears and how they determine our behaviour. And last but not least: he points the way to a free, self-defined and fear-free life.

About the Author

Hans-Joachim Maaz

Hans-Joachim Maaz

Dr. Hans-Joachim Maaz, born in 1943, was chief physician at a clinic for psychotherapy and psychosomatics from 1980 to 2008 and for many years was chairman of the German Society for Analytical Psychot... Read more

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Tags: Geopolitics, Political Science & Politics, Behind the Scenes

Year 13-10-2022
Translator from German: Martin Petrushev
Pages 224
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.230 kg
Collection "Katechon" Collection
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Geopolitics, Political Science & Politics, Behind the Scenes

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