Qigong Hand Diagnostics: The Method of Bioenergetic Diagnostics

  • Georgi D. Zdravkov
  • Author:  Georgi D. Zdravkov
  • Year: 17-12-2012
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The book is the result of over 21 years of observations and research on skin sensitivity and its importance for the emergence and development of both psychoenergy medicine and Chinese traditional medicine. With the help of modern apparatus for electrophysiological studies, the different types of skin sensations to the physical field of the human being (electromagnetic, electric, magnetic and acoustic fields generated in connection with the organism's vitality) are objectivized. Classification and electrophysiological models (patterns) of these sensations have been developed.

Fascinated by the potential of complementary medicine, Dr. Zdravkov has been fusing Eastern and Western medical modalities in treating patients for over 20 years. Utilizing his personal research and bioenergy diagnostics, Dr. Zdravkov has published four books and seven articles focusing on fundamental theories in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as on the connection between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.


About the Author

Georgi D. Zdravkov

Georgi D. Zdravkov

Georgi D. Zdravkov, Ph, D. has graduated from the Medical Academy in Sofia with a major in neurology. He has run a Problematic Research Laboratory at the Technical University of Plovdiv. He conducted ... Read more

Tags: Medicine, The Human Brain, Biology & Evolution, Alternative Medicine, Mental Health, Medical Research Studies

Year 17-12-2012
Pages 256
Size 168/240 мм
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Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Medicine, The Human Brain, Biology & Evolution, Alternative Medicine, Mental Health, Medical Research Studies
Емилия Христова 11/04/2013

Много се радвам, че д-р Здравков е издал тази книга. Ще си я купя непременно. Преди почти 30 години (ако не ме лъже паметта) д-р Здравков помогна на четири годишния ми син да се освободи от страха си да заспива при изгасена светлина. Беше невероятно! А на мен ми помогна при проблеми с язва на стомаха. Безкрайно съм му благодарна!

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