Mehmed Neşri

Mevlânâ Mehmed Neşri (c. 1450d. 1520), also commonly referred to as Neşri was an Ottoman historian, a prominent representative of the early Ottoman historiography.

Very little is known about Neşri, which suggests that he wasn't a major literary figure during his lifetime. Then contemporary sources refer to him with the modest title of muderris (teacher), which further suggested that he did not hold a high office. He is known as the author of the universal history "Cosmorama" or "Cihan-Nümâ". Only the sixth and final parts of this work are preserved today. He probably completed it at the end of the 1480s or beginning of the 1490s by assembling many different sources, both of known and unknown authors.

He witnessed the death of Mehmed II in 1481 and the Janissary riots that followed it. Some parts of his text were based on the work of Ashik Pasha-Zade, another representative of early Ottoman historiography.

The Cosmorama

The Cosmorama

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