Literary Theory. Volume 1

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  • Nikola Georgiev
  • Author:  Nikola Georgiev
  • Year: 13-11-2017
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-0127-7
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Extremely delicate, well-trained and fine man, Nikola Georgiev is an unspoken polemist in the field of science: a rebel who crashes systems. The critic in science directly or indirectly deals with methodological problems; the scholar creates an interpretative context of new literary works and discourages established hierarchies in the literary canon. Nikola Georgiev de-concentrates every routine, and with an infinitely rich rhetorical instrumentation covers the range of almost all forms of speech - from sharp sarcasm and subtle irony to schizophrenic severity and metaphysical reflexivity, thus indicating the limitations and risks of any talk, writing, and theoretical style of literature that deviates from rationality and faith in the social, cultural and human sense of literary science.

Nikola Georgiev's work should be published and studied over and over again and this is the reason why he published this book in two volumes. The first includes both the published and unreleased works of the author. He could not reach all that we would like: the volume would have disturbed even the most daring reader.

- Sava Savchev

About the Author

Nikola Georgiev

Nikola Georgiev

Prof. Dr. Nikola Georgiev is Bulgarian literary critic, structuralist, culturalologist, folklorist, essayist, publicist, public figure. Nikola Georgiev Georgiev was born on November 24, 1937 in Kazan... Read more

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Tags: Theory of Literature, Essays, Literary Criticism

Year 13-11-2017
Pages 560
Size 168/240 мм
Weight 0.68 kg
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Theory of Literature, Essays, Literary Criticism
Изток-Запад 22/11/2021

Благодарим ви за високата оценка и милите думи :)

Георги Георгиев 22/11/2021

Книгите на проф. Никола Георгиев са безценни.
Всеки, посветен на литературата човек, би трябвало освен задължително да ги притежава в собствената си библиотека, и да има предвид задължително идеите им във всекидневната си работа. Тези книги са наистина привилегия, особено за хората, които са били негови студенти в СУ "Св. Климент Охридски", където проф. Никола Георгиев бе дългогодишен преподавател по литературознание.
Неговите студенти и последователи ежедневно продължават да дават живот на идеите му - и това, разбира се, е най-малкото, което могат да направят за паметта на своя Учител.
Благодаря на издателство "Изток-запад" за луксозните и изключително качествено изработените във всяко едно отношение книги на Учителя.
Бог да го прости! Нека да бъде светъл небесният му път!

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