Merlin and the Grail: Joseph of Arimathea, Merlin, Perceval: The Trilogy of Arthurian Prose Romances

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  • Author:  Robert de Boron
  • Collection:  "Romanus" Collection
  • Year: 02-04-2012
  • Translator from Old French: Vladimir Atanasov
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  • ISBN: 978-619-152-052-7
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ALL SINFUL PEOPLE should know this: that before Our Lord came to Earth, He made the prophets speak in His name and announce His coming to this world. At the time of which I speak all people went to Hell – even the prophets. And when the demons had led them there they thought they had scored a great victory; but they were woefully mistaken, for the people took comfort in the coming of Christ. And Our Lord came, choosing to come to Earth incarnate of the Virgin Mary.

Written around 1200 A.D., probably in monastic circles, this is one of the earliest accounts of the Grail and its importance. It traces the cup from the Last Supper into the company formed by Joseph of Arimathea.

About the Author

Robert de Boron

Robert de Boron (also spelled in the manuscripts "Bouron", "Beron") was a French poet of the late 12th and early 13th centuries who is most notable as the author of the poems Joseph d'Arimathe and Mer... Read more

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