How Emotions are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain

  • Lisa Feldman Barrett
  • Author:  Lisa Feldman Barrett
  • Year: 17-04-2023
  • Translator from English: Ina Dimitrova
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-1197-9
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Why do emotions feel automatic and uncontrollable? Does rational thought really control emotion? How does emotion affect disease? How can you make your children more emotionally intelligent? „How Emotions Are Made“ answers these questions and many more, revealing the latest research and intriguing practical applications of the new science of emotion, mind, and brain.

Today, the science of emotion is in the midst of a revolution on par with the discovery of relativity in physics and natural selection in biology — and this paradigm shift has immense implications for us all. Leading the charge is psychologist and neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett, whose theory of emotion is driving a deeper understanding of the mind and brain and sheds new light on what it means to be human. Her research overturns the widely held belief that emotions live in distinct parts of the brain and are universally expressed and recognized. Instead, she has shown that emotion is constructed in the moment, by core systems that interact across the whole brain, aided by a lifetime of learning.

This new theory means that you play a much greater role in your emotional life than you ever thought. Its repercussions are already shaking the foundations not only of psychology but also of medicine, the legal system, child-rearing, meditation, and even airport security.

About the Author

Lisa Feldman Barrett

Lisa Feldman Barrett

Lisa Feldman Barrett, PhD, is among the top one percent most cited scientists in the world for her revolutionary research in psychology and neuroscience. She is a University Distinguished Professor of... Read more

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Tags: Mental Health, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychology Research Studies

Year 17-04-2023
Translator from English: Ina Dimitrova
Pages 400
Size 168/240
Weight 0.600 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Mental Health, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychology Research Studies

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