EU-EAST ASIA: Strategic Partnership, Trade and Economic Cooperation

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This collection of documents is dedicated to the relations between the European Union and the East Asian region, which includes three of the EU strategic partners in East Asia: China, Japan and the Republic of Korea.  

The EU's rising interest in Asia has been largely based on the economic and political importance of Asia in the post-Cold War period, as well as the impact that it has had on Europe's own international relations.

The whole Indo-Pacific region is rapidly evolving and is becoming the centre of gravity in terms of trade, economic interaction, demographics and security challenges. It is part of the world's largest and most populous continent. That's why it is of great political, economic and geostrategic importance to the EU.

The EU is a strong economic player in East Asia and is working to foster fair trade, multilateralism, institution building, democracy, good governance and human rights.

This documentary volume will help to better understand and study the relations between the EU and the countries of East Asia, which are undoubtedly of great importance for the development of contemporary global politics and economy in the dynamically changing international relations and world order in the XXI century.

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Tags: Banking System & Finance, Economics, Capital & Funds, Political Science & Politics, Foreign Language Books

Year 17-01-2022
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Genre Banking System & Finance, Economics, Capital & Funds, Political Science & Politics, Foreign Language Books

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