A Beam of Light Through the Lens. The Photographic Family Karastoyanovi

  • Anna Topaldzhikova
  • Author:  Anna Topaldzhikova
  • Year: 22-01-2018
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-0124-6
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This is an unusual and fascinating book between the historical research, memorial and fictional stories. Here are accumulated and mutually reinforced depths of time and personal experience - with an extraordinary sense of the visual image and the memory it brings with the negotiation of the documentary in the immediate intensity of the experience. Anna Topaldzikova makes a sense of how everything that has happened in the Great History has gone through the new media developed by the Karastoynov family: the adventurous printing press from Belgrade, the photographic workshops, the small society of friendly circles, the family mythology of remarkable coincidences or at least the pulse of dynamic living in and between different ages. An experience story of modern times and their paradoxical imposition in Bulgarian environment.

- Boris Minkov

About the Author

Anna Topaldzhikova

Anna Topaldzhikova

Anna Topaldzhikova is a theater professor at NATFA "Kr. Sarafov ". She is the author of books in the field of history and the theory of theater: "The Necessary Miracle. The Myth in the Bulgarian Drama... Read more

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Tags: Photography, Photo Archives, Memoirs & Documents

Year 22-01-2018
Pages 440
Size 168/240 мм
Weight 0.52 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Photography, Photo Archives, Memoirs & Documents

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