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In this book, published in 1925, Tenu Nachov describes little-known events of the Bulgarian Revival period and the beginning of the 20th century. Because he is a direct participant in the events, his story is alive and very fascinating. He does not avoid telling the truth, even when he is against it and the Liberal Party. He has a different and peculiar look at the Bulgarians' struggles for liberation and puts first those highly intelligent and brave compatriots who show to the world that we are not a wild tribe but a brave and hard-working people ready to die for their freedom.

The modesty of T. Nachov is proverbial, so his name for a long time falls into oblivion.

About the Author

Teniu Nachov

Teniu Nachov

Teniu Nachov Hristov, born February 1, 1850, in the town of Stara Zagora. There is no data for his parents. He is known to have been an orphan, and from a small boy, he lived with a shoemaker where he... Read more

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