"You Have to Know the Past to Understand the Present"

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  • Alexander Fedotov (compilation)
  • Author:  Alexander Fedotov (compilation)
  • Year: 19-12-2005
  • Translator съставител и превод от монголски Александър Федотов
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In the book, we tried to gather and translate the shortest evidence of the age-old wisdom of the wild children of the Great Steppe, who originate from "Borte Chino (The Gray Wolf), "born with the favor of the High Sky" and his wife, Gua Maral (Beautiful Deer). Some of these proverbs can be defined as universal, which can serve as further proof that nomadic civilizations fit perfectly into global human history. One thing is clear, Mongolians believe in their past, and therefore follows the advice of their ancestors.

About the Author

Alexander Fedotov (compilation)

Alexander Fedotov (compilation)

Prof. Alexander Fedotov was born in 1956 in the Russian town of Novosibirsk.He is a Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor of Korean, Mongolian and Tibetan Literature at the Sofia University ... Read more

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Tags: Sayings & Proverbs, Aphorisms

Year 19-12-2005
Translator съставител и превод от монголски Александър Федотов
Pages 128
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.11 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Sayings & Proverbs, Aphorisms

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