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  • Romain Sardou
  • Author:  Romain Sardou
  • Collection:  "Magica" Collection
  • Year: 22-10-2012
  • Translator From French: Vladimir Atanasov
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  • ISBN: 978-619-152-107-4
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The "chill winds of the Devil" isolated from the rest of the world the small diocese of Draguan, in the county of Toulouse.

Before the sight of the statue of the Virgin Mary broken by the cold, Romée de Haquin, its bishop, is not far from thinking that a curse is wreaking havoc on his parishes. Everything started when two young girls found the remains of tortured bodies in the river…

The savage murder of Haquin leaves the village in prey to the most irrational fears. It is at this point that a mysterious priest, Henno Gui, makes his entrance. Accompanied by a young boy and by a hideously ugly man, he had been summoned by Haquin to take charge of the thirteenth parish of the diocese, Heuteloup. After three days of walking in a forest which is as dark as it is inextricable, the group reaches the entrance of a deserted village. The church is in ruins and many houses are abandoned… Surrounded by foul-smelling marshlands and suspected of carrying the plague, the third parish has lived in oblivion for decades. Nobody knows what has happened to its inhabitants…

The cursed parish, the thirteenth of the bishropic, is so isolated that its name is often omitted from the maps of the provostship, but it does, however, interest the highest echelons in Rome. The Holy See is full of rumors, and agitations in the most secret inner circles of the Vatican have had repercussions as far afield as the kingdom of France. Maybe the key to these mysteries can be found in the troubled life of Romée de Haquin, or with Henno Gui, the priest with the strange methods, or found at the very heart of the thirteenth parish?

About the Author

Romain Sardou

Romain Sardou

Romain Sardou (born 6 January 1974) is a French novelist born in Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine. He is the son of the singer and songwriter Michel Sardou. Romain Sardou was born of a long line o... Read more

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Tags: Thriller, Crime, Historical Fiction, Modern Novels

Year 22-10-2012
Translator From French: Vladimir Atanasov
Pages 400
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.497 kg
Collection Колекция "Магика"
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Thriller, Crime, Historical Fiction, Modern Novels

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