The Legend of the Jade Volume 3 : The Everlasting Islands

  • José Frèches
  • Author:  José Frèches
  • Year: 20-06-2005
  • Translator from French: Maya Milanova
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  • ISBN: 954-321-133-7

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What if we all held a disk of jade in the hollow of our hands?…

 The four of them grew up together, Zheng, Golden Fish, Spring Dew and Zhaogao, in a realm in full expansion. Then Zheng used power as an evil weapon, basing the Great Empire on the State dictatorship.

But Zheng isn’t happy. Yet, nobody can resist him: his main enemy, Golden Fish, had to run away; his Prime Minister, Lisi, obeys him like a slave; and Zhagao has blissfully joined the army. Still, the beautiful Spring Dew — Lisi’s daughter — dares to fend off his advances… But who cares? Expecting love, Zheng places all his hopes in Immortality!

While Zheng is looking for his own paradise, Golden Fish raises a little army with some friends in order to eliminate the Emperor. Only the woman who inspires him, his banner, his reason to live and fight is missing. Spring Dew, indeed, disappeared with, as only luggage, a disk of jade, the one who once belonged to Lubuwei…

Fifty determined men and a rebel young woman against the big army of an Emperor whose reason is failing… A really amazing third volume!


About the Author

José Frèches

José Frèches

José Frèches (born 25 June 1950, in Dax, Landes) is a French historical novelist with novels set in China. His first trilogy The Jade Disk is a story, set during the Warring States period in disunited... Read more

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Tags: China,Eastern Fiction Books,Historical Fiction,Adventure Novels,Travels

Year 20-06-2005
Translator from French: Maya Milanova
Pages 424
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.44 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre China, Eastern Fiction Books, Historical Fiction, Adventure Novels, Travels

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