The Hitler I Knew

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  • Oksana Dvornichenko
  • Author:  Oksana Dvornichenko
  • Year: 03-05-2005
  • Translator from Russian: Tatyana Bobeva
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On May 2, 1945, the soldiers of the Red Army broke into Hitler’s bunker. Important documents were uncovered in the search of the Berlin bunker: the notes of Martin Bormann, the head of the Nazi Party Chancellery and Hitler’s personal secretary and the diaries of propaganda minister Josef Goebbels, whose corpse lay nearby with those of his family. The Führer's associates were arrested. All documents found were taken, including his notebook (a single copy) in which the names of Hitler's special visitors have been recorded for years. The same day the arrested Nazis were taken to Moscow. Most of them spend 10 years in Russia; besides interrogations, they have the task of writing a book called The Hitler I Knew. Their deeds are kept in the archives of the KGB.

Only Oksana Dvornichenko (author of the documentary film about the fate of the Russian prisoners of war "Why are you alive?") was allowed to see this documents and she manages to shoot them with a camera. This book was compiled with this material (a total of over 28 hours video material!) and has not yet been published in Russian.

Here are the names and positions of those whose testimonies are published in Bulgarian for the very first time in the world:

 - Johann Rattenhuber, General and Head of German dictator Adolf Hitler's personal Reichssicherheitsdienst

 - Wilhelm Mohnke, Commander-in-Chief of the Adolf Hitler Division

  - Ferdinand Schörner, General-Field Marshal

 - Helmuth Weidling, the last commander of the Berlin Defense Area

 - Hans-Erich Voss, Vice Admiral

 - Werner Richter, Head of a Government at the Ministry of Propaganda

 - Hans Fritzsche, the most popular journalist in the Reich

 - Werner Haase, Adolf Hitler's personal physician

 - Otto Günschea mid-ranking officer in the Waffen-SS

About the Author

Oksana Dvornichenko

Oksana Dvornichenko

Oksana Dvornichenko is one of Russia's best-known art documentary filmmakers. She is an author of dozens of films and television programs, including film programs for Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New ... Read more

Tags: Military History, Historical Figures, Memoirs & Documents, Behind the Scenes, Photo Archives

Year 03-05-2005
Translator from Russian: Tatyana Bobeva
Pages 520
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.58 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Military History, Historical Figures, Memoirs & Documents, Behind the Scenes, Photo Archives

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