Host: Six new Roles of engagement for teams, organisations, communities, movements

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  • Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey
  • Author:  Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey
  • Year: 21-09-2017
  • Translator From English: Gayane Minasyan
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-0105-5
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The time has come for a new, yet ancient look at leadership. Great engagement is the key to truly successful leadership, and the secret to moving forward is knowing when to step back... It is no longer about being the hero, the one that has to make everything happen. There is another way: be the host. This book reveals why Host Leadership is set to become one of the most pioneering concepts in 21st century management.

- Learn how to step into and out of the six NEW roles of engagement;

- Adopt the four positions for a Host Leader;

- Understand how to apply hosting strategies in your organization to achieve greater agility, flexibility and responsiveness;

- Become a leader with a highly tuned sense of relationship building and engagement;

The traditional 'stand and deliver' approach to leadership falls down when it comes to engagement. Understanding how to really engage with people is the ultimate backbone of success. Intrinsically, we all know how to be hosts; now is the time to sharpen these skills and bring them to the table.

About the Author

Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey

Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey

Mark McKergow is an author, consultant and speaker. Mark has developed and hosted many aspects of the international Solutions Focus community since 2000 with sfwork, and is co-author of three boo... Read more

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Tags: Business Etiquette, Leadership, Management

Year 21-09-2017
Translator From English: Gayane Minasyan
Pages 288
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.32 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Business Etiquette, Leadership, Management

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