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This book reflects a moment in the life of a group of adherents. A group of people who deliberately chose a way of this kind of thinking: by getting to know myself, I will get to know the world; I work on myself to be useful for all.

All is that tree in whose branches we are.

Leaves do not have personal names. They are similar in shape and structure, but each has its own sunrise and sunset and does not interfere with one another on the road between heaven and earth. Still, they remain part of the tree. Everyone absorbs the living juices from the root and the stem and processes them into the next mainstay of the Being, called the visible world.

The book Divine Thought" is part of the series Occult Youth Class. The absorption of knowledge in the lectures entered every member of the group in three directions: in his foundation, his roots, where man creates what he will believe in, the filter through which he will admit what is good and useful for him. These are the laws and rules in his life.

The second direction of studying the lectures is those sacred words that contain and print the exact energy. These are the formulas and prayers, the stem that carries the food for the soul.

And the third direction is the conscious movements in space and time, the crown of branches of the tree, because man is also the crown of creation. These are the exercises and experiments in the Beinsa Douno Teaching.

Root, stem, leaves.

Laws, formulas, exercises.

Wisdom, Love, Truth.

Father, Son, and Spirit.

So we have mastered the Trinity. The title of our book is a sweet fruit for all of us. And we want to share it.


About the Author

Peter Deunov

Peter Deunov

Peter Deunov (1864–1944), also known by his spiritual name Beinsa Douno, and often called the Master by his followers, was a Bulgarian philosopher and spiritual teacher who developed a form of Esoteri... Read more

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Tags: Spiritual Teachings, Dunovism

Year 25-10-2010
Pages 144
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.193 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Spiritual Teachings, Dunovism

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