Diary. 1966-1998. Volume 1

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  • Nikolai Todorov
  • Author:  Nikolai Todorov
  • Year: 06-03-2007
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In the described events, Academician Nikolai Todorov is not a passive observer but an active participant with his own opinion and judgment of what is happening on a national and international scale. That is why the main thematic circles surrounding the narrative follow in general the development of the life and creative path of Academician Nikolai Todorov for these twenty years:

- his scientific and organizational activity at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;

- overseas activity on a scientific line;

- an activity related to the establishment and development of the International Center CIBAL;

- international activity in UNESCO as a scientist, public figure and politician;

- working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Ambassador in Athens;

- acting as chairman of the VII Grand National Assembly

- public activity as a pensioner.

This life and creative path is revealed against the backdrop of the political situation in the country and abroad - the era of Leonid Brezhnev, the years of perestroika, the changes from 1989, the political development of Bulgaria until 1998.

About the Author

Nikolai Todorov

Nikolai Todorov

Nikolai Todorov Todorov (1921–2003) served as acting President of Bulgaria in 1990. Todorov was inspired to go into politics after the trial of Traycho Kostov, with whom he had shared a prison cell du... Read more

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Tags: Memoirs, Political Science & Politics, Behind the Scenes, Historical Figures, Bulgarian History, Memoirs & Documents

Year 06-03-2007
Pages 1100
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 1.2 kg
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Memoirs, Political Science & Politics, Behind the Scenes, Historical Figures, Bulgarian History, Memoirs & Documents

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