Dietary Treatment for Patients with Chronic Renal Failure

  • Author:  Radoslav Popov
  • Year: 24-11-2006
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In recent years, there has been a bad statistic towards increasing the number of chronic renal failure (CRF) patients both in Bulgaria and abroad. Each year, patients who require hemodialysis or kidney transplantation are increasing. On the other hand, advances in early diagnosis and adequate treatment of kidney disease make it possible to detect cases of impaired renal function in a timely manner and to adhere to appropriate dietary regimes using and maintaining renal reserves for a considerable period of time.

Unfortunately, so far there are no detailed diets with well-calculated protein and calorie imports that are suitable for CRF patients. On the other hand, it should be considered that many of these patients have difficulty using expensive products in the prepariation of their menu. For this reason, we have included some practical steps and instructions for preparing the dishes in the program.

In many CRF patients, continued treatment or to inclusion of new drugs is required. For a number of medications, avoidance of their use or dose adjustment in CRF patients is necessary. For this reason, we have briefly reviewed data on some commonly used medicines in accordance with the benefit / cost ratio.

About the Author

Radoslav Popov

Dr. Radoslav Popov graduated with distinction from the Sofia Medical University in 1982. He holds a degree in Internal Medicine and Nephrology, defended a dissertation on Early Diagnosis and Treatment... Read more

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Tags: Diets & Nutrition, Medical Research Studies

Year 24-11-2006
Pages 164
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Genre Diets & Nutrition, Medical Research Studies
Емела Джамбазова 13/06/2013

Според мен тази книга е една от малкото, ако не единствената, която е в помощ на болните от ХБН, за бъбречно-каменна болест попаднах на няколко, но за ХБН - почти няма.

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