Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line

  • Deepa Anappara
  • Author:  Deepa Anappara
  • Collection:  "Kaleidoscope" Collection
  • Year: 23-11-2020
  • Translator from English: Petya Petkova
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  • Product Code:  2680-01
  • SKU: 05.0152
  • ISBN: 978-619-01-0736-1
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In a sprawling Indian city, three friends venture into the most dangerous corners to find their missing classmate. . . .

Down market lanes crammed with too many people, dogs, and rickshaws, past stalls that smell of cardamom and sizzling oil, below a smoggy sky that doesn’t let through a single blade of sunlight, and all the way at the end of the Purple metro line lies a jumble of tin-roofed homes where nine-year-old Jai lives with his family. From his doorway, he can spot the glittering lights of the city’s fancy high-rises, and though his mother works as a maid in one, to him they seem a thousand miles away. Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line plunges readers deep into this neighborhood to trace the unfolding of a tragedy through the eyes of a child as he has his first perilous collisions with an unjust and complicated wider world.

Jai drools outside sweet shops, watches too many reality police shows, and considers himself to be smarter than his friends Pari (though she gets the best grades) and Faiz (though Faiz has an actual job). When a classmate goes missing, Jai decides to use the crime-solving skills he has picked up from TV to find him. He asks Pari and Faiz to be his assistants, and together they draw up lists of people to interview and places to visit.

But what begins as a game turns sinister as other children start disappearing from their neighborhood. Jai, Pari, and Faiz have to confront terrified parents, an indifferent police force, and rumors of soul-snatching djinns. As the disappearances edge ever closer to home, the lives of Jai and his friends will never be the same again.

Drawing on real incidents and a spate of disappearances in metropolitan India, Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line is extraordinarily moving, flawlessly imagined, and a triumph of suspense. It captures the fierce warmth, resilience, and bravery that can emerge in times of trouble and carries the reader headlong into a community that, once encountered, is impossible to forget.

About the Author

Deepa Anappara

Deepa Anappara

Deepa Anappara was born in Kerala, southern India, and worked as a journalist in India for eleven years. Her reports on the impact of poverty and religious violence on the education of children won th... Read more

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Tags: Crime, Detective, Modern Novels, Eastern Fiction Books, India

Year 23-11-2020
Translator from English: Petya Petkova
Pages 320
Size 140/215 mm
Weight 0.411 kg
Collection "Kaleidoscope" Collection
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Crime, Detective, Modern Novels, Eastern Fiction Books, India

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