Daniil Kharms

Daniil Kharms

"Kharms" is the most popular of the many pseudonyms of Daniil Yuvachov, born in St. Petersburg in 1905. The writer had about 30 pseudonyms, many of which became the names of characters in his works. An unconventional, avant-garde fiction writer and poet who in a poem calls himself the Lord of Free Thoughts, Daniil Kharms is a modernist in terms of language and literary vocation, has philosophical interests, and in his works, full of phantasmagoria and paradoxical twists, experiments with texts and deals with the chaos of life from an unusual point of view. Harms's works do not have bounded plots that can be seen as definitive. They are written in such a way that the reader can use his imagination and fantasy to finish the stories after he has read them.

Stories and phantasmagoria

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