On Pleasure (Of the True And the False Good)

  • Lorenzo Valla
  • Author:  Lorenzo Valla
  • Collection:  "Christiana" Collection
  • Year: 19-08-2015
  • Translator from Latin: Tsocho Boyadzhiev
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  • ISBN: 978-619-152-675-8
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When Valla first wrote this treatise in 1431 he called it On Pleasure and it was only in a later version that it became known as Of the True and the False Good. It seeks to debate the question of how humanity can achieve the good: by following the precepts of the ancient philosophical schools, notably Epicureanism and Stoicism, or by accepting the guidance of Christian teachings. The matter is debated by a number of eminent orators, poets and clerics and, at the end, it is agreed that Christianity provides the best way of achieving the good life. In choosing to prefer the arguments of the Epicureans over those of the Stoics, he was being deliberately provocative. The ideas of the latter, who advocated virtue for its own sake, were clearly more compatible with conventional Christian teachings than those of the former, who argue in favour of pleasure as the guiding principle of moral behaviour. The imaginary discussion takes place in the porch of a church in Milan and the garden of one of the speakers.

About the Author

Lorenzo Valla

Lorenzo Valla

Lorenzo (or Laurentius) Valla (1407–1457) was an Italian humanist, rhetorician, educator and Catholic priest. He is best known for his textual analysis that proved that the Donation of Constantine was... Read more

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Tags: Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Christianity

Year 19-08-2015
Translator from Latin: Tsocho Boyadzhiev
Pages 280
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.38 kg
Collection Колекция "Christiana"
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Christianity

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