The Decalogue

  • Jacek Salij
  • Author:  Jacek Salij
  • Year: 01-11-2006
  • Translator from Polish: Irena Leonova
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Some axiological and normative issues are now of high interest of the representatives of various branches of science, including educators and sociologists. Education for values is an integral part of humans’ education – and it becomes primarily the domain of religious education. The Decalogue (Greek: Ten words, “ten commandments”), as an expression of the fundamental duties of a man towards the God and towards one’s neighbor (morals), reveals serious commitments in its essential content. They are by their nature immutable and apply to believers always and everywhere. 

The Ten Commandments concern matters of fundamental importance in Judaism and Christianity: the greatest obligation (to worship only God), the greatest injury to a person (murder), the greatest injury to family bonds (adultery), the greatest injury to commerce and law (bearing false witness), the greatest inter-generational obligation (honour to parents), the greatest obligation to community (truthfulness), the greatest injury to moveable property (theft).

The Ten Commandments are written with room for varying interpretation, reflecting their role as a summary of fundamental principles. They are not as explicit or detailed as rules or many other biblical laws and commandments, because they provide guiding principles that apply universally, across changing circumstances. 

About the Author

Jacek Salij

Jacek Salij

Jacek Salij OP (born 19 August 1942, Budy, Wołyń) is a Polish theologian and Thomist, philosopher, Roman Catholic priest, Dominican, translator, writer and publicist. During the years 1960-1967 he stu... Read more

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Tags: Тheology, Christianity

Year 01-11-2006
Translator from Polish: Irena Leonova
Pages 120
Size 130/200 мм
Weight 0.14 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Тheology, Christianity

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