Barry H. Cohen, R. Brooke Lea

Barry Cohen has a bachelor's degree in physics from Stowe Brook University and later defends his Ph.D. in experimental psychology at the University of New York, where he currently holds a Master's Degree in Psychology and teaches statistics for Masters and PhD students. He has been teaching statistics for almost 20 years and has published an advanced textbook (published under the title Explaining Psychological Statistics). He has specialized in psychophysiology and has published empirical research in this field. He is currently planning experiments to clarify the relationship between body and mind and also writing a book on how to become a psychotherapist in the United States.

R. Brooke Lea received a Bachelor of English language and culture from Hawford College, then defended a Master's thesis and a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at the University of New York. During his studies there are several statistics teachers, among whom is the other author of this book. Having defended a thesis on the relationship between understanding and logic, he specializes in the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, where he deepens his interests in cognitive text processing. He taught statistics, first at Bowden College, then at McAllister College, where he is now associate professor of psychology. His publications are related to cognitive processes during reading and psychological modeling of deduction.

Introductory Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Introductory Statistics for the Behavioral Sc...

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