Bulgaria 0.5: The Errors in the Code

  • Orlin Todorov
  • Author:  Orlin Todorov
  • Year: 13-06-2019
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The book aims to answer many acute questions in our society. In an accessible language, with many examples and comparisons with the developed countries, the basic principles of the modern democratic state structure are explained and how the lack and distortion of them in our country is the real cause of most of the problems here.

This book is a challenge. To realize that things are not as simple or as complex as they are. That seemingly impossible is actually quite achievable if we take the responsibility and unite.

What hinders the development of Bulgaria? What systemic changes in the system can revive our country? How do we achieve them? Analyzes, comparisons with the United States, Switzerland, Ireland, Romania, Jamaica, Germany and other countries, concrete examples and suggestions in Bulgaria 0.5 help us to answer all these questions.

This book is for everyone who asks why the situation in Bulgaria is what it is and how it can be improved!

About the Author

Orlin Todorov

Orlin Todorov

Орлин Тодоров завършва МГ „Баба Тонка” през 1991 г. Започва да учи висше образование в МЕИ Варна, а през 1995 г. заминава в САЩ, където завършва „Компютърни науки”. До 2013 г. е в Страната на неограни... Read more

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Year 13-06-2019
Pages 246
Size 155/230 мм
Weight 0.31 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Behind the Scenes, Essays, Books about the Transition, Political Science & Politics, Sociology

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