Eun Heekyung

Eun Heekyung

Eun Heekyung (born in 1959) is a South Korean writer.

Eun was born in Gochang, Jeollabuk-do in 1959. She did her undergraduate degree in literature at Sookmyung Women's University, and her graduate degree in the same field at Yonsei University, both in Seoul. Her childhood was full of fairy tales and children's stories that her parents purchased for her.

Since childhood, Eun had desired to be a writer, but upon her graduation from Sookmyung, she took jobs as a high school teacher, editor, and reporter. In 1994 she took a leave of absence from her work and went to a temple armed with a laptop computer, nearly a dozen books, and a decades' worth of diaries. In her stay at the temple, she finished five short stories and a novella. The novella was A Duet, which won a Spring Literary Contest in 1995.

Eun’s writing combines quotidian trivialities, a sometimes jesting style, sophistication and cynicism. One of her primary themes is the impossibility of real communication between people. Eun is also a feminist, although she often departs from any kind of theoretical approach in her exploration of the larger human condition and, in fact, is intensely suspicious of any ideological approaches to life.

Talking to a Stranger

Talking to a Stranger

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