Amirdovlat Amasiats

Amirdovlat Amasiats

Amirdovlat Amasiatsi (1420-1496), also called Amirdovlat of Amasia, was a 15th-century Armenian physician and writer. He wrote several works on medicine and science, some aimed at professional audiences and some at ordinary people. All his works were written in Middle Armenian, making them accessible to ordinary readers and not just to scholars.

Amirdovlat was born in Amasia around 1420. He travelled extensively. He wrote the majority of his works in Constantinople, where he was chief physician to Mehmed II.

He died in Amasia or Bursa on December 8, 1496.

In Amirdovlat's biography, Vardanyan gives the following chronology of his life:

Between 1420-30: born in Amasia

1450's: Attended Armenian schools in Amatsia and Sebastia. Wandered as a travelling physician in Asia and Iran collecting plant samples

End of 1450s: Moved to Constantinople by sea. Further studies of medicinal arts, natural sciences and philosophy.

1460s: Selected as a chief physician to Mehmed II, and received an honorary title of Chief Physician-Ophtalmologist. Afterwards had 10 years of exile and wanderings around Balkan countries.

1470s: Returned to Constantinople, regained his position of a chief physician to Mehmed II, enjoying his confidence until the ruler's death in 1481.

1480s: Returned to his motherland upon the invitation of the son of Mehmed II, Ahmed, who became a ruler of Armasia.

1490: Journeyed to the city of Bursa for treatment with mineral waters.

1496, December 8: Died in Amatsia (though other sources suggest Bursa).

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