16th Republic?

  • Iskra Baeva, Evgenia Kalinova
  • Author:  Iskra Baeva, Evgenia Kalinova
  • Year: 16-10-2017
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Research and documents on the Bulgarian-Soviet relations after the Second World War

This book was not preconceived. It was provoked and became a reality because of the renewed discussions and political abuses of a topic that was sensationally launched and profoundly used in the first political struggles in the early 1990s. The review of historical knowledge was necessary to clear it from the strong ideology and mythologization of individuals, parties, movements and events. At the beginning of the transition, the opportunity to fill the white fields" was extended thanks to the open archives. The legitimate scientific goal of the new approach to exploring the past was to restore pluralism in the interpretation of historical facts.

Along with these undoubtedly wonderful opportunities for professional development, the transition also gave rise to new dangers. In short, they can be expressed in two words: sensationalism and politicization. In the turbulent times of the early 1990s, the old Communist myths were reborn, and new anti-communist myths were created, personalities were blamed and praised not only for their true actions but also for fictional ones.

In order to leave the vicious circle of sensations and political abuses, we offer this book which contains both researches devoted to Bulgarian-Soviet relations and international integration processes in general, as well as over a hundred documents concerning the controversial issues. All the points of view in the broad spectrum of the desire for Bulgaria to become part of the "family of the Soviet peoples" to the rejection of such thought are preserved. The combination of research and papers suggests that this book is for people who not only want to get a more complete picture of the past but also are willing to spend enough time to get acquainted with truth based on documents.

- Iskra Baeva, Evgenia Kalinova

About the Author

Iskra Baeva, Evgenia Kalinova

Iskra Baeva, Evgenia Kalinova

Iskra Baeva and Evgenia Kalinova are lecturers at the Faculty of History of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". They are co-authors of the books La Bulgarie contemporaine entre l'Est et l'Oue... Read more

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Tags: Behind the Scenes, Bulgarian History, Memoirs & Documents, Geopolitics, Political Science & Politics, True Crime Investigations

Year 16-10-2017
Pages 704
Size 168/240 мм
Weight 0.82 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Behind the Scenes, Bulgarian History, Memoirs & Documents, Geopolitics, Political Science & Politics, True Crime Investigations

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