On the Dignity and Excellence of Man

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  • Giannozzo Manetti
  • Author:  Giannozzo Manetti
  • Collection:  "Christiana" Collection
  • Year: 24-11-2016
  • Translator from Latin: Tsocho Boyadzhiev
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  • ISBN: 978-619-152-953-7

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Giannozzo Manetti (1396 - 1459) was a celebrated diplomat, historian, philosopher, and humanist scholar of the early Renaissance who mastered ancient Greek and Hebrew as well as classical Latin. In this treatise, dedicated to Alfonso of Aragon, King of Naples, Manetti addresses a question central to the anthropology of the Renaissance: what are the moral, intellectual, and spiritual capabilities of the unique amalgam of body and soul that constitutes human nature? The treatise takes issue with a popular work of medieval asceticism, On the Misery of the Human Condition, written by none other than Innocent III, one of the greatest of medieval popes. The pope’s diatribe expresses a revulsion against human nature and argues for the futility of ambition, the emptiness of pleasures, and the ultimate worthlessness of human achievements. Manetti’s treatise presents a comprehensive refutation of the pope’s pessimism, sometimes citing the achievements of the Renaissance as evidence for the potential divinity of human nature and its extraordinary capabilities.

About the Author

Giannozzo Manetti

Giannozzo Manetti

Giannozzo Manetti (1396–1459) was an Italian politician and diplomat from Florence, who was also a humanist scholar of the early Italian Renaissance. Manetti was the son of a wealthy merchant. His pub... Read more

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Tags: Modern Philosophy

Year 24-11-2016
Translator from Latin: Tsocho Boyadzhiev
Pages 160
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0 kg
Collection Колекция "Christiana"
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Modern Philosophy

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