Byzantine Theology in XIV c.

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  • Ivan Hristov
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This book discusses the central theme of Byzantine theology in the fourteenth century - the teachings of the Divine energies, which is completed in the course of the Palamitan disputes and occupies a central place in the doctrine of the Orthodox Church. Based on documents found by the author, it is proven that these disputes also leave a mark in Bulgaria. There is a hypothesis about the ecclesiastical context of their reflection in our country.

The Hesychast controversy was a theological dispute in the Byzantine Empire during the 14th century between supporters and opponents of Gregory Palamas. While not a primary driver of the Byzantine Civil War, it influenced and was influenced by the political forces in play during that war. The dispute concluded with the victory of the Palamists and the inclusion of Palamite doctrine as part of the dogma of the Eastern Orthodox Church as well as the canonization of Palamas.

About the Author

Ivan Hristov

Ivan Hristov

Dr. Ivan Hristov is Professor of History of Philosophy (Christian Philosophy) at the Department of History and Systematic Theology, Faculty of Theology, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Direct... Read more

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Tags: Byzantium, Middle Ages, Тheology, Christianity

Year 18-04-2016
Pages 336
Size 165/235 мм
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Cover Type Paperback
Genre Byzantium, Middle Ages, Тheology, Christianity

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