Introduction to Max Weber's Sociology

  • Roumen Daskalov
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  • Year: 18-01-2018
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This book comes as a result of many years of effort with the classic work of the contemporary sociology - the German sociologist Max Weber (1864-1920). It consists of two main parts. The first one deals with Weber's theoretical and methodological views and some of his basic sociological notions and concepts. The second is dedicated to the "special" sociologies of dominance, law, religion, and the concept of capitalism. In general, the book is oriented to Weber's non-systematic writings and relies heavily on his capital work, "Economy and Society" but also other highlighted moments of his other works have been used.

The proposed book is a compromise between a general introduction to Weber's work and a more specialized treatment of some of the issues in it, as well as a familiarization with the discussions around them. According to the author, a more specialized work for Weber and the deepening in details around him would be of interest only for a narrow circle of people in our country. Instead, he targets a wider audience - both scientists and students, as well as people with an interest in the social science.

About the Author

Roumen Daskalov

Roumen Daskalov

Roumen Dontchev DASKALOV Born: 01.07.1958, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria Professor at the New Bulgarian University (Department of Anthropology) – Sofia Recurrent Visiting Professor at the Central European ... Read more

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