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  • Year: 14-05-2018
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First-person stories about my life as intelligence agent in Rome during the Cold War, about the activities of Bulgarian intelligence and diplomacy and their fate as a hostage to the political games of the Transition, for the "Bulgarian trace" in the assassination of Pope John Paul II...

Short stories that appeared on my Facebook wall, provoked by actual topics, comments, personalities ... When I started to write (it was spontaneous), I couldn't accept what was being published about the late Dr. Zhelev. At first you, the readers, wrote reviews that gave me courage, and then gradually it seemed to become readable by itself. I was trying to tell the truth as it was - the real truth, experienced, overcome by me. My friends and family encouraged me to put these stories in a book. Stories that are real, undistorted by political and personal biases. Why me? Maybe because I was honest with intelligence service and with myself and managed to keep my name clean.

About the Author

Vladimir Konstantinov

Former Bulgarian Intelligence Agent... Read more

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