Monadology. Four-language еdition.

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  • Gottfried Leibniz
  • Author:  Gottfried Leibniz
  • Collection:  "Thesaurus" Collection
  • Year: 16-05-2016
  • Translator from French: Lydia Kondova
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  • ISBN: 978-619-152-851-6
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G.W. Leibniz' Monadology, one of the most important pieces of the Leibniz corpus, is at once one of the great classics of modern philosophy & one of its most puzzling productions. Because the essay is written in so compactly condensed a fashion, for almost three centuries it has baffled & beguiled those who read it for the 1st time.

Nicholas Rescher accompanies the text of the Monadology section-by-section with relevant excerpts from some of Leibniz' widely scattered discussions of the matters at issue. The result serves a dual purpose of providing a commentary of the Monadology by Leibniz himself, while at the same time supplying an exposition of his philosophy using the Monadology as an outline. 

This edition is in: French, German, Latin and Bulgarian language.

About the Author

Gottfried Leibniz

Gottfried Leibniz

Gottfried Wilhelm (von) Leibniz (1646 – 1716) was a German polymath and philosopher who occupies a prominent place in the history of mathematics and the history of philosophy, having developed differe... Read more

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Tags: Ontology,Modern Philosophy,Bilingual & Multilingual

Year 16-05-2016
Translator from French: Lydia Kondova
Pages 256
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.45 kg
Collection Колекция "Тезаурус"
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Ontology, Modern Philosophy, Bilingual & Multilingual

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