House of cards: psychology and psychotherapy built on myth

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  • Robyn M. Dawes
  • Author:  Robyn M. Dawes
  • Year: 29-10-2010
  • Translator from English: Lyudmila Andreeva
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  • ISBN: 978-954-321-764-9

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Robin Dawes spares no one in this powerful critique of modern psychotherapeutic practice. As Dawes points out, we have all been swayed by the pop psych" view of the world--believing, for example, that self-esteem is an essential precursor to being a productive human being, that events in one's childhood affect one's fate as an adult, and that "you have to love yourself before you can love another".

In this indictment of the therapy profession, the author exposes the misguided beliefs and shoddy practices used by most psychotherapists. He examines the pop psych beliefs and explores the debilitating effects they have on everyone.


"Dawes (social and decision sciences, Carnegie Mellon Univ.) presents a strong argument, based on empirical research, that psychotherapy is largely a shill game. He argues that while studies have shown that empathetic therapy is often helpful to people in emotional distress, there is no evidence that licensed psychologists or psychiatrists are any better at performing therapy than minimally trained laypeople. Nor are psychologists or psychiatrists any better at predicting future behavior than the average person--a disturbing conclusion when one contemplates the influence such "experts" have on the U.S. judicial system. While other books have criticized the psychologizing of our society, none has been so sweeping or so convincingly argued. This book raises such important societal issues that all academic and public libraries have a duty to make a permanent place for it on their shelves."
- Mary Ann Hughes, Neill P.L., Pullman, Wash.


About the Author

Robyn M. Dawes

Robyn M. Dawes

Robyn Mason Dawes (1936–2010) was an American psychologist who specialized in the field of human judgment. His research interests included human irrationality, human cooperation, intuitive expertise, ... Read more

Tags: Psychotherapy

Year 29-10-2010
Translator from English: Lyudmila Andreeva
Pages 408
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.518 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Psychotherapy

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