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  • Todor Kassabov
  • Author:  Todor Kassabov
  • Year: 07-12-2006
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Todor Kasabov's book may be the beginning of a genre called legal realism. Despite the outright absurdity of the stories described, after reading the book, it remains a sense of truth.

The defects of the judicial system in Bulgaria are widely talked about and written. The problem is that almost no one now is looking for the genesis of the problems, nor is interested in their psychological grounds. Todor Kasabov, led by his legal experience, investigates them. He figuratively follows how institutional defects in the judiciary system - constitutionally hypertrophied independence and irremovability of magistrates, coupled with lack of selection and career criteria - produce incompetent, corrupt and arrogant judges. With acute sarcasm Kasabov illustrates the stages of "alienation" of magistrates of the law, morality and humanity.

The civil and professional position of the author is a professional and a moral counterpoint to the conformation and clientelism of lawyers, which fuel corrupt attitudes and expectations and marginalize law as an "art for the good and justice".

About the Author

Todor Kassabov

Todor Kassabov

Todor Kassabov was born in the town of Aitos. He graduated from the Higher Institute of the Ministry of Interior (Simeonovo). From 1994 to 1998 he worked as an investigator in Varna, and since then he... Read more

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