Critical Philosophical Studies

  • Krasimir Delchev
  • Author:  Krasimir Delchev
  • Year: 08-05-2018
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Since the 1990s, Bulgarian philosophical thought has been trying to catch up - through translations and comments - the missed stages in philosophical development in Europe and the rest of the world.

The result is a passion for foreign authors and ideas. The critical beginning was forgotten, further obliterated by the rising Christian religion suppressed in the era of totalitarianism.

Foreign "cultural programs", "projects" and sponsors tilt the scales to attenuation of personal philosophical endeavors.

Contrary to such tendencies, this book offers new daring but well-grounded, critical philosophical studies. Some of them refer to Adorno, Benjamin, Marcuse; others to mystics such as Eckhart and existentialists (Kirkegore, Sartre) and third to Christian authors and phenomenologists, as well as some Bulgarian ethics and several essays.

The subject of critical analysis is: Boethius, Origen, Patočka, Dilthey, Fukuyama, Heidegger, the gnostic Cerinthus ...

Recommended for philosophers, theologians, culturalologists and awakeful readers.

About the Author

Krasimir Delchev

Krasimir Delchev

Krasimir Delchev is a professor at the Philosophical Faculty of the Sofia University "Kliment Ohridski".... Read more

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Tags: Philosophical Researches, Culturology, Essays

Year 08-05-2018
Pages 216
Size 140/215 мм
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Cover Type Paperback
Genre Philosophical Researches, Culturology, Essays

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