Chavdar Mutafov and the Bulgarian Culture Between the Two World Wars

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  • Nadezhda Tsocheva
  • Author:  Nadezhda Tsocheva
  • Year: 04-02-2008
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Chavdar Mutafov was a Bulgarian architect and writer, considered to be one of the leading expressionist writers in his country during the period between the two world wars. His first name also appears as Chavdar.

Mutafov was born in Sevlievo. He studied engineering in Munich from 1908 to 1914. He married Fani Popova and the couple continued their education in Munich during the 1920s, Mutafov studying architecture, before returning to Bulgaria.

Mutafov worked as an architect. He published essays in the monthly journal Zlatorog and also gave talks on modern art, music, film and industrial design. Besides his essays and novel, Mutafov also wrote short stories and grotesques.

His writing was subject to censorship under the communist regime in Bulgaria.

He died in Sofia in 1954.

In this stud, Nadezhda Tsocheva not only introduces Chavdar Mutafov in a different light - he is a bright figure that is difficult to fit in the definitions but at the same time he seeks his place in the context of the European and Bulgarian culture.

About the Author

Nadezhda Tsocheva

Nadezhda Tsocheva

Nadezhda Tsocheva is a Doctor of New Bulgarian Literature, a lecturer at Nancho Popovic high school, Shumen and in Shumen University "Bishop Constantine Preslavski". She leads the Debate Club at the N... Read more

Tags: Culturology, Theory of Literature

Year 04-02-2008
Pages 222
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.288 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Culturology, Theory of Literature

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