The Fall of Medieval Bulgaria

  • Christo Matanov
  • Author:  Christo Matanov
  • Year: 31-03-2016
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This book tells of events that most of us find tragic. It is dedicated to the decades during which the Bulgarians and their countries are confronted with the invading Turks from Asia Minor, and by the middle of the fourteenth century, they are being expanded by the Ottoman Turks. Initially, more than half a century before becoming the victim of the invasion, many of our distant compatriots from Thrace realize that the danger must be stopped before it is transferred to Europe.

Alas, no one takes this urge seriously. As a result, after a while, the Bulgarian lands began to suffer from sporadic and then regular rapacious raids by various Anatolian beyliks. Between them, Ottoman beylik stands out with its power and aggression. It has been assigned to conquer the Bulgarian states and to becomе, albeit slowly, a powerful Islamic empire. In the XVIth century, it spreads over three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa.

About the Author

Christo Matanov

Christo Matanov

Professor Christo Lukov Matanov is a Bulgarian historian. He was born on July 5, 1952, in Harmanli. He graduated from the 114th English Language Teaching School in Sofia (1971). In 1978 he graduated f... Read more

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Tags: Bulgarian History, Middle Ages, Old Bulgarian Sources

Year 31-03-2016
Pages 240
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.35 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Bulgarian History, Middle Ages, Old Bulgarian Sources
Румен 16/06/2016

Повествованието е увлекателно и подходящо дори за обикновения читател като мен. Разглеждат се последните два века от историята на Балканския полуостров, като изложението е фокусирано върху българските държави и причините за османската експанзия. Анализират се и историческите източници и се споменават тези, които се смятат за не чак толкова достоверни. Бих препоръчал това за всеки, който се интересува от средновековна българска история.

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