Passions and Scandals in the Kingdom of Bulgaria. Volume I, II and III

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  • Petar Velichkov
  • Author:  Petar Velichkov
  • Year: 25-02-2004
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In this luxury volume, the author has added the prepared for the third volume original authentic stories, that complements the first two volumes of Passions and Scandals in the Kingdom of Bulgaria.

In the book are included selected unknown photos, postcards and cartoons from the largest state and private collections.

Peter Velichkov recreates an important part of the spirituality of the emerging modern Bulgarian. Here are presented the events reflected in the media as well. Back then the news died slower and echoed at dinners, barbers, stations, dairies.

The book is recently very successful, because of its readability, the adequate language, of its ability to mix great and unknown personalities, part of our past and in that way to indulge the reader.

About the Author

Petar Velichkov

Petar Velichkov

Petar Velichkov is a Bulgarian literary historian, textologist, journalist, researcher of the writer Yana Yazova, poet. Born August 27, 1954, in the village of Popovitsa, Plovdiv district. Petar Velic... Read more

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Tags: Bulgarian History,Historical Figures,Memoirs & Documents,Journalism,Memoirs,Way of Life & Spirituality

Year 25-02-2004
Pages 776
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 1.07 kg
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Bulgarian History, Historical Figures, Memoirs & Documents, Journalism, Memoirs, Way of Life & Spirituality

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